Do you dream?

I probably couldn't count how many dreams I had in my life. At different stages of my personal development I wanted to become a doctor, a lawyer, a programmer, a musician, a scientist, an athlete and so on and so on.

Some of the dreams came true, some didn't. To be honest the ratio fulfilled-unfulfilled is a lot in favor for those dreams that never came to life.

But you shouldn't stop dreaming.

By the time I write this I am just about to turn 25 years, so I am not the wisest man alive, I am aware of it.

Within the great uncertainty in me, though, there are few things I am deeply, almost unchangeably sure of. One of these things is Dreaming.

If you stop dreaming, than you stop aiming. If you are not aiming, you can't achieve much. And even if you are the luckiest man/woman, and say, the stars align some day so you turn out rich (materially) enough to be considered successful, you will never feel it as an achievement of yours.

​What's the point of dreaming about something you are sure will never come true?

In my humble opinion there isn't such a thing. But then again, I am the kind of guy, that believes everything is possible.

I honestly believe in this - â€‹if you want something bad enough, you get it.

Of course, it takes a lot of courage.

To follow what seems crazy to your surroundings requires bravery. And very often your dream is so past the line of sanity for your friends and family, that they will try to do everything in their power to prevent you from following it.

Don't blame them for anything, but trying to help you, that's what they think they are doing.

Instead, you should show them results. The most powerful point of all.

And here comes the hardest question...

What if I fail?

You do the same as if you fell YOU GET UP.

There is a technique applicable for many creative problems called "Trial & Error". Basically, you try different things, learning from your errors along the way.

That's how you get there. You try, and you fail, and then try again, and then fail again, but (as a friend of mine says) "fail better".

​The biggest failure of all is if you never try.

That's right, "regret" is a b****.

Try thinking about your past and the most miserable failure you have experienced, because you dared to try.

Now think about the opportunity you wanted so badly, but you never took.

Well, guess what, "failure" might hit you harder for a day, a month or even a year, but "regret" stays in your mind for the rest of your life.

"It should never be too late", but I wouldn't test this hypothesis...

A person I respect very much, once said to me:

"If you don't succeed in your field until you are 27 years old, the chances are - you never will..."

Although I am not in-favor of postponing your dreams and I really admire this guy, I only partially agree with his statement.

In my opinion the following is closer to the truth:

"If you are not at least â€‹walking the way​ to a life-changing dream​ until you are settled/married/have a family, the chances are - you never will."

Following a big dream, such as career in certain profession or the development of your own business, is never easy and requires much dedication and sacrifices. And when person already has many responsibilities, this process becomes incredibly hard.

Family or Career?

Perhaps, this is one of the oldest questions that bothered the human mind.

I think the two can be combined and I intend to try doing so in my life.

A. Einstein, on the other hand, thought differently:

"One has either time for science or family. But not both."

I have a dream...

Someday, I want to develop a product and create my own Software Company.

There, I've said it.

It is a big dream and ambitious one, too.

And maybe I am blind for many of the factors that are to be considered, but that blindly I believe in my dream and myself and I am committed to make it real.

Dream -> Vision -> Ambition -> Hard Work -> Reality.

These are the stages I see in following a dream.

The statement hidden in this progression is - when you have a dream, create a vision of it in the real world, shape it so it fits or if it doesn't shape the world for it, gain ambition and excitement for your future creation, work hard on it and results will come.

I think the hardest of all, is to decide to follow your dream.

I want to wait for the right time, but will experience ever be enough?

Would Apple be the same or even existing if Jobs and Wozniak decided to wait for becoming more experienced at what they did?

Would Google be more than a small research project if Larry Page and Sergey Brin had decided to concentrate on their PhD studies?

I don't know the answer to these questions, but I think they are worth thinking for.

What I am sure of, is: with youth comes naivete and even stupidity, but courage as well.

There is limit for the knowledge which mind can handle, but there is limit for dealing with the unknown, too...

I don't seem to recall which great scientist said this to his students:

"My dear students, I don't know more than you!"

And then he painted the following picture:

Picture showing that the student's knowledge had a shorter border to the unknown.

The circles represent the explored, by a teacher and student, area of all knowledge there is.

The person who knows more is also more aware of how much he doesn't know.

Dare to dream, and dare to try.

Arguably, in every success, there is at least a little part of luck, but as wiser than me people already said:

"Fortune favors the brave!"

My wish for you, dear readers: be brave and follow your dreams.