Yesterday morning I woke up thinking...

... "How great it would be to refresh my blog's design?". I powered-on my computer and 5-6 hours later, my blog looked as it does right now. It was so pleasant to restyle and re-imagine stuff: I removed the old logo (it was an image) with a simplistic header, changed the backgrounds everywhere, added some "glassish" effect to all boxes, changed fonts, even fixed some bugs and so on.

It was a joy, not a chore.

I woke up with this thought and jumped right into it.

I love waking up with an idea!

It's a common thing for me - sometimes the first thing that comes to my mind when I open my eyes in the morning, becomes my task for the entire day.

Don't get me wrong, I am not always obsessing over work or programming. For example, few days back I woke up thinking about fishing. Yep! The same day I got my old fishing gear up&ready, and the next morning (5am), we (together with my girlfriend) were walking to a near-by dam with 3l of water, 3 sandwiches, a fishhook and fishing tackle. We had a great day, even caught some fish (we let them all go, though).

Vesi about to catch her first fish (ever) :)

Here is Vesi, about to catch her first fish, ever.

Me, resting the fishhook on piece of wood someone left on the shore.
















And me, resting the fishhook on piece of wood someone left on the shore.

None of these 2 impulsive decisions, took more than 2 days to execute.

4 months back, I woke up with the idea that I need to get healthier and more athletic and this same day I found a fitness club at close proximity and started training. It was 3 times a week, early in the morning. Then a month after, I started boxing. By that time I was training 5 times a week (3 times fitness, 2 times boxing). Then, a month after, I started running in the mornings. Now I exercise 2 times/day for 5 days/week, to bring it to a total of 10 workouts/week (running, fitness and boxing). My running was 2km every morning with about 4km walk through this amazing park which is 10 min away from home. Two weeks after I started running I made them to 3km and the same amount of walk.

So, yeah, I do have history for impulsive decisions that changed my life for long periods of time. I have at least a few more examples, that I could share with you, but that's not really my point.

Just a fraction of a second... Picture... Or sound... Or smell... Chemical reaction in the brain... Decision...

It's unbelievable, so easy it is to take a turn into a different direction. Well, the process is usually far from easy, but the decision... sometimes all it takes is a moment.

I find this to be fascinating. That is why I decided to share it with you, Dear Readers.

So, what do you think? Are we all Sleeper Agents? If we can make that turn in a second or less, changing our lives for months, even years... If just a smile of a random person on the street, or a feeling, which our dream left us with, when we woke up, can "activate" a passion, a striving or appetite we never knew we had... Then, perhaps, maybe, kind-of, we all are Sleeper Agents. But for our own dreams, not for someone else's bad/good/cruel intentions.