Merry Christmas from Russia

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Let me throw some oil into the fire - I don't understand all the people in Bulgaria, working for western companies, driving western cars, listening western music and wearing western clothes, but being (non)secret(but loud) Russian sympathizers in the social networks, during the latest events in Ukraine... Why?

What did Russia ever do for you? If you so desire, you can mention that they freed Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire, but these are so different times... and this was so long ago... that Communism is a lot easier to remember and unnatural to leave out, when you consider the goods and the bads we've seen from this country.

No matter what you will say, the facts are - you choose to continue living in the European Union, you use every convenience of the western way of living and Capitalism. Until you spit up that burger, start working for Lukoil and you move to a stalinka in your beloved paradise (which people, without the privileges of the uncontrollable gun-use, try so desperately to leave), your points don't have any weight.

You say something, but you always do another.

And if there is such a comment - no, I don't approve the U.S. invading territories on the principle "They can use some freedom.", just to be able to get some oil in the tank. The same way, I am not OK with Russia, exploiting a riot in a DIFFERENT country to get some new lands.

This is not OK (all of it) and it shouldn't be happening any more.