Couple of days ago I released my synthesizer Viktor NV-1 and it went... NUTS!

I was on the front page of Hacker News for 17 hours!

Viktor held #1 position on Reddit r/Javascript for 10h (I went to sleep, at 4am, so it might've been longer than that) and it still was on the front page, over a day later... Incredible...

People loved it! How can I tell, you ask - let me answer that with a question: Have you ever seen a discussion on the HN with over 50 comments and not a single one to be tiny bit negative?

They posted about it on twitter, facebook, ello... everywhere. In a single day the site got over 5600 unique visitors. Few hours in, someone posted a session recording with the NV-1 on youtube! This one was especially close to my heart... Thank you Jon Peck! This made me so happy!

And now... now the madness is almost over. On one hand, I am starting to feel the withdrawal from all this attention, but on the other, I will finally get a good night sleep (after 3 sleepless nights).

So what's with this title "next challenge"?

Viktor is, by far, my favorite project and I will continue working on it in my spare time. Together with the project I've been working on, full-time, for 1.5y now, Pagehop.

Starting today, I am looking for my next professional challenge.

I love working on Pagehop, it's my first independent project, which I saw all the way from an idea, through more than a year of hard work and 3 major releases. I've poured all my energy, savings and time in it and I am proud of what I've built.

Maybe because of the freemium-like model I used for it, or because I didn't have the resources to popularize it, or maybe people just didn't like it so much (this one is very hard to admit, but there is no point in lying yourself), it never really took off. I will continue rolling out updates, whenever I can. That's a promise. But it's time to move on...

So what am I good at?

Well, lets see what have I been working on:

You can see many more smaller projects, posted on my github account (boxtree, AlgoView, license-key etc.).

So through the years, this is what my competency became like:

  • Languages: Javascript/HTML/CSS, Swift, Objective-C, C#, PHP
  • Server & Desktop technologies: Node.js (Express/Browserify/Babel/Grunt/Should), ASP.NET (WebForms/MVC), Zend, MySQL, Cocoa
  • Web Technologies: CommonJS & AMD, Web Audio & MIDI API's, Angular.js, Bootstrap, Stylus, jQuery, Polymer and many other libs
  • Tools: git/TFS, iTerm, SublimeText/Xcode/VisualStudio, Pixelmator

My dream job

Having just scratched the surface of what's possible with Web Audio, I want more! A gig with Web Audio would be an awesome opportunity for me to do what I love and earn my food and shelter at the same time.

I love Javascript/HTML/CSSNode.jsWeb AudioAngular.js (with Browserify), Bootstrap, I love the Web.

So, to be 99% naive, the best position I imagine for myself, would be to continue working on sound synthesis in a web DAW platform.

At almost the same level of awesomeness would be, if I could do an interesting work with the above technologies (or a subset of them).

Why am I writing this?

I don't expect people to start offering me jobs, without lifting a finger on my side. But this write-up is an insight of what I like doing, which I imagine would be useful, to teams considering me.

I can't wait!

I am so excited for this next step in my life. I rarely commit less than a year on a project, so you can imagine how big of a deal this is for me.

This is my LinkedIn profile and here is the rest my contact information.